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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Notes on Edward Witten's lecture

Edward Witten's Perimeter Institute public lecture "Quest for supersymmetry" was a gentle introduction to the evolution of physics concepts in the last century and the efforts that are made today to understand the nature's deepest secrets. It looks like there is a parallel world out there that is partially discovered. Examples were given on practical applications of particle-physics research (cathode ray tube (CRT) and MRI machine) proving that investments made today in this field could have a huge effect on society. Just imagine: no CRT = no early days television and personal computers. The audience, by its unstoppable questions, was trying to suggest to Edward Witten that he needs to return to Waterloo. Two questions from the audience have impressed me: a around 12 years old kid asked about Feynman Diagrams and someone asked for a comment about a famous Feynman quote.

Next month Perimeter Institute public lecture panel discussion "Einstein - Relativity and Beyond" looks quite interesting.

Other interesting links:

Feynman diagrams:

Feynman quotes:

Part of the audience just before the lecture on April 6th, 7pm.


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