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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The First story about The number 100.

This story is about celebrating 100 years since Albert Einstein published its most important papers in 1905. As I mentioned in another post the entire world celebrates this anniversary as part of the World Year of Physics. If you are wondering though how you can take the journey of my below puzzle then I want to share with you a place that will become a time tunnel to the "annus mirabilis" year of 1905. This place is the Perimeter Institute (PI) and the name of the journey is EinsteinFest. For 3 weeks the PI visitors will dive into the 1905 realities and learn about Einstein the scientist, man, its important papers, its legacy and physics in general. I'm afraid though that you don't have too much time to make it for the full 3 weeks of the journey since it starts tomorrow. But, if you are really interested I'm sure you can make it.


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