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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New York City soundscape.

For different reasons I didn't have the opportunity to visit the center of the world, the fascinating City of New York, even if New York State is Ontario's neighbor. Thanks to Perimeter Institute (PI) I'll have the chance to experience an acoustic taste of the Big Apple. On the evening of Friday November 18th the PI's Atrium will become the quantum teleportation site to experience the soundscape of New York city.

If you were thinking that PI is just a top notch scientific research institution, think again. PI is a place where science, art, music and culture go hand in hand all year around. EinsteinFest was just a snapshot of this harmony. The Event Horizons cultural events are another testimony. I must to confess that PI exceeded my expectations in regards with its involvement into Kitchener-Waterloo (KW) community cultural life.

The City Life opening event of Pushing the Perimeter cultural series will demonstrate how everyday street life sounds become music. I'm quite excited to hear how Steve Reich's pulsating City Life soundscape, Ana Sokolovic’s Géometrie Sentimental and Gavin Briar’s Les Fiançailles will be enhanced in the amazing acoustical environment of PI's 4 storeys glass Atrium.


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