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Monday, July 10, 2006

Notes on the National Aboriginal Day.

Since the show organized by the local aboriginal community on June 21st started at 4pm I was able to catch only its second part. Unfortunately the aboriginal chicken dance performed by White Pine dance troupe ended already. I was able though to catch a glimpse of the dance during the lessons given to the public.

After a short break (that allowed me to take some shots of the surroundings) the Ojibway storyteller, Aaron Bell, shared with the audience some thoughts of aboriginal wit. As the epics of other cultures the aboriginal oral stories carry with them precious life lessons. Some of these stories are inspired from the animal world to convey their wit. For example, if you want to learn a lesson in humbleness you should listen to the How Bear Lost His Tail story. The Aaron Bell's animated performance made this story even more appealing.

After another break with drums (when I've explored the Victoria Park with my camera from the island) it was the women's turn to teach their dance. At the end of the show the drums started again. On my way out of the Victoria Park's island I took some photos of it from the bridge over the lake.

Click here to see my visual experience on that day.


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