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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just draw and shoot.

One of the Blackberry's advantages is the speed with which you can "shoot" an email. Starting from how fast you draw the device from the holster/pocket and having it readily available to type in the email right away, going to the way in which the email travels to the receiver. The push way makes email sending experience similar with shooting. The "bullets" though in this case are the bits of information that travel wirelessly.

Pearl has extra shooting advantages as it can shoot also pictures with its camera. Then, as with an email you can "shoot" them to your loved ones using MMS or Bluetooth.

Being so small, Pearl makes the "draw and shoot" experience a pleasure. Having it in your pocket you just draw, press the right side Convenience Key to activate the camera and shoot. Then press the menu key on the left side of the trackball and you are ready to send the picture as MMS.

In this way I have acquired the new "draw and shoot" addiction.


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