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Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year promises.

Happy New Year and best wishes in 2007! When time renews itself at the beginning of the New Year, human soul could be tried by different feelings.

Some could be depressed by what we loose as time goes by, as Romanians national poet brilliantly expressed in The years have passed poem.

Others are optimistic for the past year accomplishments and the eternal Becoming potential that the new year could offer (the present comes from the past and aims into the future).

New Year resolutions are a sign of optimism. The struggle to keep them though could yield to pessimism. Here it is a quick tip on how to keep our resolutions, that I've picked up this week from a broadcast of the local CKCO TV channel: focus on actions instead of results. For example if you want to loose weight focus to walk each day instead of eagerly thinking at and checking your weight to see results.

This reminded me of the Olympic Credo that could also be paraphrased as the road is more important than the destination.

New Year resolutions offer us a chance to be Olympic champions each year. Since the main competitor is our weaknesses, everyone could live the Olympic dream of winning.


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