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Sunday, October 14, 2007

(No change) = (potential for change).

Even contradictory, the above equation characterize in my opinion the historical political choice, voting Ontarians made last Wednesday.

It is historical since on one hand Dalton McGuinty's victory matches a 70 years old achievement of back to back majority Liberal reelection.

On another hand the victory is contradictory since right after elections a family man grants Ontarians an extra holiday, the Family Day. Some are thinking that the decision was gratuitous and unnecessary since in their old way political thinking, the government party should get votes by "offering things" during their campaign.

For me, the Family Day fulfilled promise is a sign of things to come. A responsible leader cares not only before elections but from his first day on the job. As for those whiners that worry of lost profits caused by the extra holiday... first of all they don't know what they are worring about since the families could spend the Family day by going shopping :)

Then, maybe we should remind them that the status of the current exhausted workforce doesn't reflect the predictions and promises made 40-50 years ago by the technological revolutions pundits that were forecasting an excess of free time given by people replacement with machines. Well, it didn't work that way...

McGuinty move sends a clear message for change. So, Ontarians choice for no change is actually a choice for potential change as he already promised to fix the healthcare and education systems.

As for the referendum, the above equation holds also true. The choice of not changing the current electoral system was made by the voting Ontarians that reached a record low of around 52%. If this trend continues then something needs to be changed. And if more people vote it is hard to predict the results of the next referendum. So the potential for change is there.

Some of the people that wanted to vote complained of not having time. It is a lame excuse that could suggest the idea of elections held when people have free time. How about during Family Day? :)



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