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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovely loving Oscars.

This year's Oscars were different. From the secrecy of who'll be hosting the show (and the curiosity it created) to the new lovely formula of nominees presentation.

Some people didn't like the lovely formula where different celebrities were presenting the nominees achievements. What's wrong people with being positive especially during these dooming times and after such a nice Red Carpet display of gorgeous gowns?

Speaking of secrecy... Hollywood revealed also us some of its secrets in movie making. I liked the part where parts of screenplays were matched with the movie scenes described by them. I hope to learn more of these secrets during the next PI lecture Behind the Scenes at Pixar presented by Rob Cook from Pixar Animation Studios.

If I have to label the OSCARS of this year I would say that Hollywood proved that it dares and can think different during different times.

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