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Monday, October 25, 2004

Wow, BlackBerry 7100 available in Canada!

This is hot news...Research In Motion (RIM) and Rogers Wireless announced today the introduction of BlackBerry 7100r in Canada.

Why would anyone buy a BlackBerry 7100r? Besides its innovative keypad I talked in my previous post, the cool design, phone capabilities, one-button direct access to the Internet, built-in ring tunes and Bluetooth connectivity (to name only few) are nice features. On top of this you get the BlackBerry specific goodies: long battery life, always on always connected feature (no need to turn it off), push-based email (no need to dial in, the email is sent ("pushed") to the device without your intervention) and secure wireless connection.

From now on the usual miscomunications in the family or with friends about the whereabouts of the others will disappear since all with a BlackBerry will be always connected by email or phone.

I'll definitely be among the first in Canada to own a BlackBerry 7100r. If you don't want the help of these Criers to get one :) you better click the Rogers link or this shortcut to reserve one now.


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