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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My BlackBerry 7100r is on its way to me!

Today I ordered my BlackBerry 7100r that is already available in Canada. Since I put a pre-order ahead of time I had no problem getting it online. I'm eager to use the new features of the device, especially the most talked about SureType technology.

I believe that the keypad technology for handhelds is here to stay, until at least the telepathy will be engineered so that the device can read your mind :) Even if the voice command technology is in use today, there are environments when you are not allowed to speak or your voice cannot be understood due to the noise. The only efficient choice available to input data is using a keypad, that of course requires some initial learning. Someone said that to keep your mind fresh you should always be in the process to learn a foreign language. Learning a new way to type data on a handheld cannot be harder than that :)


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