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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

BlackBerry 7100r Speakerphone is a "sensitive" boom box.

For those that don't know...Speakerphone conversation = hands-free phone conversation. When you use it? Every time you want to talk on the phone without keeping it in your hand. For example, while you are driving, cooking in the kitchen, working on your computer or in a conference call. How a speakerphone capable phone does it? It has the feature to amplify the received voice signal through a speaker and has also a sensitive enough microphone to capture well any surrounding or reasonable distant sound.

While playing with my BlackBerry 7100r I've noticed that if during a call I click the thumbwheel I can activate the speakerphone by selecting this feature from the local menu that opens. I'm impressed by its performance. The sound was so clear and the microphone was so sensitive that the other end didn't notice that I'm on Speakerphone mode even if my BlackBerry 7100r was at 6 feet away from me.

Another way to have hands-free phone conversation is to use the Bluetooth communication feature of the BlackBerry 7100r. You need though a Bluetooth capable wireless headset.

You can see the BlackBerry 7100r's speakerphone and Bluetooth in action by clicking on View Demo image on this page.


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