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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Healing my Windows XP PC.

While recovering from my sickness wasn't quite pleasant, healing my Windows XP PC worked like a charm. Thank goodness for the Microsoft's beta release of the AntiSpyware Software. Now my PC is protected from unauthorised intrusion!

Microsoft's idea to bust spyware by building a worldwide network (SpyNet) of genuine Windows users is great. Having a community of users that vote NO to spyware and agree to share any of spyware attacks is a definite step to stop intrusion. If you care about your online privacy and don't like that others spy on your PC data without your permission then I strongly recommend that you install the current beta version of Microsoft AntiSpyware. Check first though the system requirements for the installation and find that Product Key of the Windows operating system software (the installation procedure clearly explains where it could be found; mine was on the back of the PC). I suggest that you go with the default installation settings that provide: real-time spyware scanning and the invitation to join the SpyNet network.

To learn more about spyware check out this cool video


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