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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The EinsteinFest Grand Finale.

Even if EinsteinFest ended 4 weeks ago I remember its grand finale as if it was yesterday. I remember more people pouring into the PI’s Atrium to see the EinsteinFest exhibition. I remember the physicists at work ready to answer in common language any novice question. I remember people curious to learn and experience how and where the jazz music came to life.

I remember the Physica Phantastica tent so full with children that getting a ticket was a challenge. I remember children’s curiosity to explore the world through Einstein’s eyes.

I remember the unsatiable thirst for knowledge of the people eager to embark on the wonderful ship (proven to be not big enough) of ideas exploration.

I remember how I learned where PI researchers are standing compared with their peers: they are indeed at the forefront research that is challenging the current understanding of the universe, the limit of light’s speed, the nature of gravity and time and the fundamentals of quantum computing. I remember the funny informal debates in search for the Next Miracle in physics.

I remember the minutes long, standing ovations of an entire audience grateful for such a well organized festival.

For all these reasons I named the last weekend of Einstenfest the way I felt it, as The EinsteinFest Grand Finale. EinsteinFest continues to reverberate.


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