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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why indecision is not an election option.

Canadians are in the Federal Elections fever. I like political elections for different reasons.

First of all I enjoy watching the way the traditional political parties change strategies to win votes.

Then I take a good laugh at the accuracy of the political polls. This reminds me of one of my student paper about the mathematics behind these polls. Well, while mathematics is good, it cannot deal with people's changing feelings.

How can I forget the bloggers, though.

Then I follow the political cartoons and passionate debates on message boards. When serious issues are at stake, people become very passionate.

You could even be Prime Minister of Canada Forever, for free.

I like also the way people become creative to start new parties. Take for example that I've picked up from a forum.

But what I like the most is the freedom to choose. Some people though take this freedom for granted and don't vote because they cannot make a decision about who to vote for. Here it is a demonstration of why this reason cannot be used.

If you are undecided, then willing or not you have to vote for the Random Party but if you do so then you made already a decision, so you are not undecided anymore. Consequently you cannot vote for this party. Just kidding :) The conclusion is that indecision is not an option. Canadians have only few days left to make a choice.


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