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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Region of Waterloo in 2005.

The local newspaper The Record published the usual review of the past year, through photos. This year has two photo galleries.

Here are the pictures that I've found interesting:

From the Year in Review 2005 gallery:
Photo 17- Christopher Plummer at the memorial service of Tom Patterson, the founder of Stratford Festival of Canada.

Photo 25 - The Kitchener veteran Harry Watts recreates a famous Holland Liberation picture taken 60 years ago.

Photo 26 - Mike Lazaridis (RIM's Co-CEO and IQC philanthropist) together with Ray Laflamme and Michele Mosca next to Waterloo's Quantum Computer about which I talked in this post.

Photo 43 - EinsteinFest enthusiasts helped Perimeter Institute organize one of the biggest celebration of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis.

Photo 48 - Bill Gates, the 2005 person of the year visited University of Waterloo (UW) on Oct 13th. His visit is a recognition of the world prestige that UW has. By reading his speach you understand why Microsoft is the software world leader.

Photo 56 - 25 million David Cheriton's donation to the UW.

I would add to this gallery the celebration picture of the opening of the first International office of UW in the heart of Big Apple.

From the A Year of Great Photos gallery:
Photo 2 - birds on hydro lines in Wallenstein.

Photo 17 - menonites from the Kitchener-Waterloo's, small neighbor St. Jacobs.

Photo 18 - hot air balloon in the air (could be this one.)

Photo 25 - nice maple leafs revealing the beauty of the fall.

Photo 38 - Kitchener veteran Harry Watts parading in Holland on a 60 year old vintage motorcycle.

Photo 43 - Waterloo Region participants at the World Irish Dance Championships in Ireland.

Photo 57 - lightning in Kitchener.

Photo 66 - Port Dover extravaganza. These guys don't have a better time to meet than on every Friday the 13th.

That's all folks...if you are in the mood for more local pictures check out the 2004 Year in Review.


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