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Friday, March 17, 2006

Green for a day.

March 17th is a special day for all the Irish people around the world as they, and others, celebrate St. Patrick Day. The Irish have observed in different forms, this day, for centuries, to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick, the religious patron of Ireland.

St. Patrick Day events are organized all around the world but the biggest are the New York City parade and Dublin parade, of course.

It feels good to be surrounded by so much green. Consequently I become Irish for a day.

1. Green chemistry, Ecomagination and the environment.
2. Discovering Ireland.
3. Toronto St. Patrick's Parade.
4. The Scotish/Latin noble origin of the Patrick name.
5. The truth about the Shamrock, Ireland's symbol.
6. In search for his Irish roots.
7. Irish Mythology, Literature, Folklore and Drama.
8. Waterloo Region's Irish dancers (Photo 43 on the second gallery on the page of my January 14th post ).


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