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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I say potato you say potata.

This I might say was the theme of PI's Black Hole session held on Saturday. When it comes to PI events nothing surprises me regarding the wild ideas I might learn. The theme reverberated (not quite ad litteram) in both parts of the session, the scientific one and the administrative democratic one.

In the first part, the PI researcher, Doug Hoover, tried to convince us that what we might think is one dimensional space he can see it as two dimensional. Another analogy was given relating to the fiber optic cable that from light's perspective is one dimensional even though for us it is 3 dimensional.

Well, if you think that these observations are "small potato(a:)s" think again. This simple idea might solve some of the today's toughest problems in theoretical physics.

Doug presented how the use of extra dimensions could help find intriguing solutions to two hard theoretical physics problems: cosmological constant and hierarchy problem. Cosmological constant is derived from the fact that space is dynamic, i.e. it can be created or destroyed. There is a discrepancy though between the experimental value and the theoretical one.

Details were given only for solving the hierarchy problem, i.e. explain why gravity force is so weak compared to the other 3 fundamental nature's forces: strong, electromagnetic and weak. Doug started from the well known fact that forces manifest through the exchange of elementary particles, then developed the Newton's Law of Gravity in "n" dimensions reaching in the end the main idea of his talk: if we assume that the world is for gravity a space with more dimensions than for the other forces then the hierarchy problem is solved.

He ended his talk with some considerations about the testability of his theory and open issues to be addressed. Follow this link to some of the pictures I took during the session.

As for the second part of the session, the administrative democratic one, I'll leave it for another time since the theme at that time was more intense.


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