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Monday, October 02, 2006

May I have this dance, please?

The science and technology were rocking in the Big Apple last week during the Nextfest show. The collective wired imagination of the participants presented a glimpse at the future society. From the future sources of energy to ways to communicate with virtual dandelion. From innovative designs of virtual hug shirts, spatialtemporal virtual traveling and handheld multimedia painting to new entertainment ways. From the future of health and play to the future of security and transportation.

After so much rock music, organizers left room though for some ballroom dancing music. As for the dancers we could imagine someone combining Hubo's voice and vision skills with fembot's dancing skills.

Now we are faced with another robotic challenge (besides soccer) a "Dancing with the robots" competition. It remains to be seen if the gracious fembot ladies could avoid a wrong step of a clumsy partner.


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