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Sunday, February 11, 2007

It is all about 10-17cm.

10-17cm is the introspection scale LHC will use to go where nobody have gone before to tell us how nature's fundamentals behave.

Why 10-17cm is important? Since this is one of the nature's fundamental scale (called also the "weak length") where nature laws are clearly revealed. It is the intermediate fundamental length between the "ultimate small" (the Plank length of 10-33cm) and "ultimate big" (the Universe's size).

It is where mass is predicted to be born,where Quantum Gravity could be probed, where the beginning of unification theory could start, where the first man-made black hole could be created, where we could realize that there is nowhere vacuum since there is always something, where space and time could be proven as not being fundamental ideas, where our parallel Universe of symmetric particles could be seen, where we could start to understand that our Universe is actually a small player in a huge cluster of totally different universes built on the same fundamental laws that LHC will reveal.

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