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Thursday, July 19, 2007

He says turn them off, she says leave them on.

During the 777 Big Bang event I learned about the domestic dispute between the well known environmentalist tycoon Richard Branson and his wife. The issue at hand is if the lights should be turned off if you leave the room. He thinks you always should. She argues that there are exceptions. Why should you in situations when you come back right away? In the end she realized that he is right.

I remembered this story while trying to formulate the solution to my cosmic soccer puzzle. Richard Branson is the first player of my puzzle. He is convinced that human competitive spirit could offer the solution (as it did in the past) to the current global warming crisis. His $25-million Virgin Earth Challenge launched in February is about capturing efficiently the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Once captured in a bag the bad gases could be kicked into outer space.

From there, Jill Tarter could kick the "ball" to the sun, as she thinks that the sun doesn't care if we take aim at it, as confessed during her PI lecture.

I'm just wondering what other players could join this game?

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