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Monday, December 03, 2007

Noble PI gathering in Waterloo.

These days we are surrounded everywhere by information. We are information since our body and being is programmed by the information contained in the DNA. We as information use information to understand ourselves and the nature of reality as it is, was or might be.

But what is the information and the reality, anyway? This are such fundamental questions that if you pause for a little to think about them you realize that they are mind boggling.

Anthony Leggett, a Nobel Prize winner and Waterloo's recent "brain gain" thinks that "quantum mechanics offers the 'whole truth' about the world".

Anton Zeilinger thinks that information is more important than the reality since "In the beginning was the bit" . (You can watch his plea in his past PI public lecture at minute 71:30 on this link.

Seth Lloyd thinks that the whole Universe is a giant computer[video stream].

Leonard Susskind thinks that our reality is a world of shadows or quantum holograms as described in his past PI lecture.

The next PI public lecture "The Physics of Information: From Entanglement to Black Holes" will gather a noble panel to shed some light on these fundamental questions.

Is the information more important than the reality? Are we living in a world of shadows? Can we know the "whole truth" about the world?

We'll find out on Wednesday...

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