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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Frank and SUSY.

Frank is in love with SUSY but he is not the only one aspiring for her heart. SUSY is luring her contenders with a mesmerising song that is hard to hear and decipher. Will Frank be able to understand SUSY's message and conquer her?

This is a short paraphrase of yesterday's amazing PI lecture Anticipating a New Golden Age of Frank Wilczek. OK, I have to admit that I had hard time choosing a title for this post. First I've chosen "Apples and Oranges", then I said maybe "Oranges and Apples" would fit better :) After a while as the lecture content was resonating with me I came up with "So you think you can dance Physics?", "The Tricky Happy Dancer", "The Nobel Dancer", "The Tricky Contender" or "ultrastroboscopic nanomicroscoping" titles.

Why so many titles? Because the lecture had all of the above and more, relaxed presented on the background of very serious fundamental physics ideas.

By now I think you have guessed who Frank is. Stay tuned to find out who SUSY is and how Frank is fighting to get to her heart.

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