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Friday, April 03, 2015

Annotations of The Most Wanted Particle video

The April 2015 public lecture at Waterloo's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) was given by Jon Butterworth (@jonmbutterworth).

He talked about the exciting world of high energy physics, the quest for Higgs boson discovery at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and future plans once LHC restarts at higher energy.

It was a smashing lecture indeed: succinct, informative & accessible!

Below are my timestamped annotations of the video in mmss (minutes seconds) format:
0250 start of the talk with: "now is a very exciting time to be a physicist"
1130 ATLAS collider detector description
1510 description of the ATLAS experiment
1930 why high energy?
2050 video of analogy to the ATLAS detector
2320 Standard Model slide explained
2744 how do you give mass to something not made of anything else?
2905 how do we know that the quantum background field is there?
3033 spontaneous symmetry breaking as analogy to Higgs boson discovery
3252 Feynman diagram used to explain where mass comes from
3651 diagram illustrating how a new particle is discovered
3827 quark & antiquark diagram
3945 slice through the ATLAS detector
4108 animation diagram of two years of ATLAS experiments
4438 diagram of a different representation of Higgs discovery ATLAS collision
4514 CMS animated diagram of the Higgs boson evidence
4612 where are we now when LHC is restarting this week at higher energy?
4700 slide of What We Know and Would Like To Know
4928 Jon's hope: new candidate for dark matter will be found when LHC restarts
5046 mystery of matter and antimatter
5150 explanation on a diagram illustrating what we know and don't know about gravity & unified theory
5435 expanding universe diagram
5507 ref to plans in building a bigger collider than LHC
5610 image of SLAC/Stanford miniature accelerator on a chip
5730 Q&A
5740 q1: what LHC will be looking for dark matter evidence?
5955 q2: what is the origin of electric charge?
6120 q3: why a neutron containing a top quark has more mass than a neutron as a whole?
6212 q4: what is the theoretical or experimental basis believing us that antiparticles exist?
6355 q5: on gravity vs. expanding universe
6512 q6: on proportion between matter & dark matter


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