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Friday, October 08, 2004

Kitchener-Waterloo (K-W) Oktoberfest Festival. ( I )

Today took place in Kitchener Civic Square, the opening ceremonies of the great Canadian Bavarian festival, Oktoberfest. The opening ceremonies of keg tapping are inspired from the original Oktoberfest Festival in Munich.

Oktoberfest was celebrated initially only by the local German community, but in 1969 became a K-W community festival that reveals the area's unique German heritage (follow the history link to learn more).

Oktoberfest evolved from a week-end event, at the beginning, to a nine days festival with lots of fun events scheduled. Thus, the K-W festival gained the international reputation as the largest Bavarian festival in North America. Besides the Opening Ceremonies, other noticeable events are: Miss Oktoberfest pageant and the Oktoberfest Parade. The main "personality" of the festival is Onkel Hans, the ambassador that brings the Spirit of Gemuetlichkeit to the K-W community. (Onkel Hans appears on top of every festival's page, but you can see him better here or here.)

Stay tuned for updates in the days to come, and if you clicked eventually on the above Munich festival link, check their photo gallery and the below links that I found funny :)

1. Oktoberfest "Page not find" link (for the fun part, keep the page displayed a while :).
2. click on "Milk the Cows" picture on this link to start a funny game :)
3. and, if you are short of a beer mug... try the one in this picture.


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