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Sunday, November 21, 2004

My Blackberry 7100r. (I).

Today I continued to explore my "toy". The more I'm using it the more I like it. I've explored in more depth the audio and image qualities of the device. Today I realized that the audio quality of the phone while in conversation is better than the normal home phones. I've played then some of the ring tones and I felt as if I was in a cathedral. The sound was so clean and gave me the feeling that it is stereo. I can hear the sound clear even when I keep the device at the arm length from me. Then I look at the device while it is playing the tunes and it gives me the impression that it is made from a resonating crystal.

Then I want to check the quality of the images that the device can display. I'm so impressed that I make the preferred one as the background of the home screen. See below picture.

Nice "Dusk Clouds" picture set as home screen image.


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