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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Text messaging with BlackBerry 7100r.

Another situation where abbreviations are quite useful (beside Autotext ) is with text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service). OK, Autotext is good if you want to be discursive since BlackBerry will replace your abbreviations with full words so that anyone can understand what you want to say.

But if you want to communicate something very fast you could use meaningful abbreviations that any of your friends can understand. For example: instead of message you could use msg, or instead of text you could use txt. The technique is quite similar with the shorthand writing where by eliminating the vocals from the words you still keep their meaning. For online users there is already a glossary of chat acronyms that could be used.

Sending a text (SMS) message with BlackBerry 7100r is quite similar with sending an email and Suretype can learn very fast your abbreviations so that you can type them easy.

Text messaging is quite popular in Europe and it starts to catch up in U.S. too, as per this source.

For a fun introduction to text messaging check this site.


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