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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Celebrating the Canadian Veterans.

For personal reasons I'm late with this post but when it comes to celebrate our veterans it is never too late. The entire Canada celebrated 2 weeks ago its veterans. Part of the Year of the Veteran events and 60th anniversary of VE Day, the celebrations culminated with Remembrance Day festivities on Friday November the 11th.

The Ottawa celebrations were special. More than 25 thousands proud Canadians (wearing their Remembrance poppy) gathered in Ottawa to celebrate and meet our veterans. For the first time no First World War veteran was present. There are only 5 around the country and none of them could make it. Most of the young Canadians wanted to meet the veterans and learn from their experience while they are still around us.

Most of veterans came on the Via Rail Remembrance Train similar with troop trains that brought to Halifax Canadian troops from all over Canada. The celebration was the biggest since the end of Second World War proving one more time that Canadians are quite proud of their veterans. For other testimonials check my previous posts on Nov 11 2004 on this page and August 10 on this page.


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