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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Who said that Canadians are not funny?

Ok… it was almost a week ago during the 39th Federal Elections day . The irony makes it that for some weird reason, last Monday coincided with the most depressing day of the year, as some are trying to convince us. For me it was not depressing at all. After work I did a quick stop at my neighborhood school to express in no time my electoral voice. No time, doesn’t mean that there were not enough people voting. It means that the voting process was very well organized.

Then, I tuned to the main TV stations (CTV and CBC) to watch live the exciting elections results commentaries, analysis and speeches. After RCMP released an investigation news, the common "prediction" was that Conservatives will win the majority. There were though some late news that Liberals narrowed the gap. Elections results started to be very interesting.

While waiting for the vote closing time, CBC cheers the spirits by airing the funny Mercer Report and the other funny show, The Hour Has 22 Minutes. That was a good laugh before the first elections reports started to come. And I’m saying to myself: who said that Canadians are not funny? What happened after that, I’ll discuss next time.


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