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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maple Moon = The Sweet Season of Maple Syrup Harvesting.

The spring is in the air and the earth is breathing. I took yesterday a short sunset walk in the neighborhood and I had the feeling that the earth is breathing.

Inspired by the upcoming Elmira Maple Syrup Festival I did a little research on how maple syrup is produced. To my surprise I realized that maple syrup is the result of the way maple trees perceive the "earth breathing" caused by the temperature variations during this time.

Right now, North Americans in the Maple Belt area, are in the Maple Moon season, as Ojibwa natives called the harvest season of the maple syrup.

Check out this link to learn how "earth breathing" helps the maple tree to "pump" the maple syrup.

Some are saying that Europeans think of maple syrup as a cure-it-all potion. After reading about the abundance of minerals that it contains it is no wonder that maple syrup is also used for purification cures.

1. a CBC video clip on maple syrup
2. A Canadian sugar shack:
-in English
- CBC video clip in French
3. my last year short post about an Elmira trail.


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