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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mea culpa with explanations.

My apologies to all that found a reason to be offended by my previous post. No assumption was made and no offense of any kind was intended. The only explanation I have for that unfortunate title is that I need to put more effort in mastering my English and that in the blogging rush I do not always follow my WLRRTDTS credo. Who says that blogger's life is easy?

To eliminate any ambiguity, I’ve changed the title of the below post to: if you want to be smarter... This is at least what I feel when I'm in Waterloo. I hope that the spirit of the post reflects the idea I want to convey.

Since I live close to Waterloo and witness its scientific and cultural vivacity, I’ve been biased, of course, when I was talking only about it. I'm sure that the other cities competing for the title of the Intelligent Community of the Year are making their communities smarter, since they are broadband connected.

In the spirit of fair play I will list the other contenders: Cleveland (Ohio, USA), Gangnam District (Seoul, South Korea), Ichikawa (Japan), Manchester (England), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tianjin (China).

Let the best broadband community win!


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