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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Nima Arkani-Hamed started his presentation with a quick review of what will happen when LHC will be turned on.

Two protons will be smashed (POW) into each other after being accelerated close to the speed of light (.999c).

Since nature is not generous in revealing its secrets you need higher energies in order to go deeper in its understanding. Before collision the 2 protons will reach 7 TeV i.e. 7000 giga electron volts (eV). This is the scale of energy needed to see what happens at such small distances as 10-17. Right before the POW it could be noticed as the time is slowing down (dilate) as predicted by Einstein's Special Relativity theory.

After the POW the nature reveals its wonders with a WOW. The 2 protons will give birth to new elementary particles that will be captured by LHC's observation equipment. That is the moment when we go deeper in understanding what nature is made of as theories are confirmed; and who knows... maybe the nature will reveal new secrets.

The next part of Nima's presentation was characterised by the UNIFICATION theme, that will make the subject of a future post.

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