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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alice and Bob continued...

Well, the tale was not mainly about Alice and Bob, even though they were part of the action as supporting characters. The tale revolved around a strange adventure Daniel Gottesman had that challenged his cryptographic skills. During narration we learn about different cryptographic techniques, RSA, quantum cryptography, digital signatures, qubits, how quantum computers work, etc.

Strange enough Bob was not part of the main action since the presenter kind of substituted him. To make the tale more thrilling other characters were introduced, for instance two guys with smoky glasses that abducted the narrator. I’ll stop here... since I don’t want to spoil your fun when the online lecture will be posted on PI’s site.

The main message I took home from the lecture is how quantum cryptography can guarantee that Eve has no chance to find out Alice and Bob’s secrets. In quantum world any interference with the quantum information is detectable. Eve’s attempt to eavesdrop on the message between Alice and Bob results in changing the message. This is the manifestation of a fundamental physics law that the observer of a quantum phenomena cannot learn about it without interfering with it.

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