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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The quantum fairytale of Alice and Bob's secrets.

Once upon a time there were Alice and Bob and they had secrets to share. Since their first time[pdf] introduction, Alice and Bob characters played different roles in the information coding and technical communication theories. I was wondering why Romeo and Juliet was not used instead of Alice and Bob? Besides the fact that Alice and Bob suited better theorists in making the A and B abstractions more human like, I guess that they portray characters that share not only love secrets.

Alice and Bob were also the subjects of different Perimeter Institute (PI) lectures. A new tale of the adventure of their secrets sharing will be revealed tomorrow by PI researcher Daniel Gottesman in his public lecture
Quantum Cryptography: A Tale of Secrets Hidden and Revealed Through the Laws of Physics.

I'm eager to learn what progress have been made to keep Eve out of Alice and Bob secrets.

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