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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Post inspired by the 200 years anniversary of the abolition of slave trade.

Assumptions could be a source of strength but also of weakness. As everything in life the harder you get it the more valuable it is. In consequence the assumptions that require some effort of imagination (like the Martians theory or the Think Different scenarios) are the most rewarding.

On the other hand no effort assumptions are most often the sources of weakness. For instance all discriminations (race, sex, religion, nationality, etc.) are based on “evident” assumptions that since the other one is different it means that he/she is inferior. They are so dangerous that sometimes could cause wars. The sad part is that some people never learn.

I have composed below a chain of assumptions for those that need convincing that assumptions have to be checked before jumping into conclusions:

I assume that
Your assumption about
Her/His assumption about
Our assumption about
Their assumption about
My assumption
‘naff assumed…

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