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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life's resilience.

Life on Earth is resilient, this is the main idea I learned during Jay Melosh PI Lecture Death of the Dinos: Giant Impacts and Biological Crises. We could owe our existence to the cosmic impacts. Life on Earth survived to numerous cycles of extinctions. We are the result not only of life and death of stars but also life and death of generations of species.

As for the unfortunate fate of dinosaurs... they were roasted alive, in Jay's opinion. The heat from the sky was caused by the violent return of the matter that was thrown into the space as result of the impact. Our ancestors survived since they lived mostly underground.

Also I learned about geology's fascination and the power of gravity. Geology is able to decrypt the code of Earth evolution while the gravity makes the space small even though it is big since the big mass tells the space how to curve while the space tells the small mass how to move. That is why small objects are attracted by the bigger ones, as shown in the video of this post.


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