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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why not?

A daring and challenging question that was raised to the rank of a slogan by an unconventional university, the University of Waterloo (UW).

The symbiotic relationship between the Waterloo Region community and UW is the growth engine for both. David Johnston the UW President talks about this relationship in his message to the UW anniversary book "Out of the shadow of Orthodoxy. Waterloo@50" by Kenneth McLaughlin. His idea paraphrased is: the community gave birth to the university and the university is shaping the community.

Reading the fascinating story of UW history you realize that the present growth follows university's tradition but with a faster pace. Parking lots and open spaces inside the university have been (and will be) replaced with new buildings hosting new faculties or research facilities.

You don't have to look too far from University to see how fast UW Research Park is growing. But if you look farther you'll see testimonies of this growth too. You'll find the School of Architecture in the neighboring city Cambridge and the new Health Sciences Campus is under construction right now in Downtown Kitchener.

On its 50th anniversary UW uses its slogan to accelerate the pace in the quest to push the frontiers of human knowledge and give back to the community and the world the fruits of its endeavors.

Happy 50th anniversary University of Waterloo!

UW annivesary page
Quantum-Nano Center
Out of the shadow of Orthodoxy. Waterloo@50 event.


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