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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Communitech Agile Development Session.

In spite of the heavy snowstorm that hit Ontario, Scott Ambler was able to make it for the Communitech Agile Development session.

In quite a blunt style he presented how Agile paradign addresses today's reality in the software development field. Here there are some ideas that I've picked up: “we are in a big mess“; the traditional “silo” style is risky these days; need to question the rhetoric on both sides (traditional and agile); observe what works and what not; it is a good practice to go agile but be smart about it. “Software development is not like building a bridge”. Ask nay sayers how many bridges did they build.

My second video montage (below) of Scott's presentation captures some agility elements like: reality of agile development, importance of database testing and of the Product Owner, non sexy agile challenges like kicking a project off and transition to production software, RUP iterations importance in driving risk out of the project and the green-shift effect in portfolio management.


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