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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Agile Software Development full story on Waterloo Tech TV.

At last, the much expected Scott Ambler's Agile Software Development, The Full Story (about which I talked here) is posted on "". The nice video presentation was worth the waiting.

Here are my video notes (in approximate "minutes:seconds" format) of the first part of the video:

7:15 - Scott invites both traditional and agile communities to get thinking
7:55 - most of the traditional development is religious dogma based on assumptions that should be questioned
9:25 - many organizations suffer from the same problems
9:40 - observe what works and what doesn't
10:23 - Dr. Dobbs Journal surveys on what's really happening
11:30 - silo development is a challenge for agile community that makes the old mistakes of wheel reinventing. Look at the bigger picture.
12:40 - contents of the lecture
14:00 - be skeptic but open minded. Scott talks about things that works.
14:40 - we are in a mess today
15:21 - question the assumptions in the traditional world but be smart about it.

To be continued...

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