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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ruminations about NOW.

Time, time, time... Almost everybody complains about it, or better said, lack of it. Maybe now is the best time to ruminate about time. I'm sorry, in my hurry to talk about time I missed to wish you all: Happy New Year! and to welcome you to another year of ramblings, with questionable value for some.

It took me few days to decide on the subject of this post. As usual the New Year is associated with new resolutions and predictions. Well, since this subject is not easy to approach I was thinking to talk about what could make 2008 an unique year. And there are a lot of leads to follow on this subject, since the beginning of 2008 is kind of shaky: from political instability in Pakistan and Iran agitations, to USA elections and world economy worries or the upcoming summer Olympics in China.

Then I decided to go over my first posts in the previous years. These combined with a quick note I found in the local newspaper, The Record, made me think at why any anniversary gives this feeling of nostalgia and hope at the same time. And I realized that it is because of the dilation of NOW. This reminded me of the feeling of time dilation I had last year during a PI cultural event.

The more time you have to contemplate the present the more you'll flash in the past and in the future. It is kind of interesting that this happens during any NOW moment but once you are aware of it, it dilates. And so I learned that the name of the January month comes from the Greek god Janus that kind of symbolize the dilation of NOW.

The subject of time is not an easy one and maybe that is why it is worth researching it.

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