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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quadruple Big Bang in Waterloo!

$50 million donation to PI +
Best PI Lecture +
NSERC Award +
PI lectures on Discovery Channel
= 4 Big Bangs!!!!

Besides being the best and most entertaining, last month PI lecture and the three announcements made at its beginning, stunned the audience.

Firstly, Mike Lazaridis talk given after the announcement of his additional $50 million donation to Perimeter Institute is in my opinion a milestone in PI's history.

He started by saying: Friends, this amazing adventure continues. The world is changing, manufacturing is not enough. We have to invest in innovation, we have to invest in the best and brightest in our schools, in our research community... This was clear to me 10 years ago and continues to be clear to me today. Then he emphasized the importance of the theoretical research and of PI's public lectures that make history. Watch his talk starting at minute 12:00 of this video.

Secondly, Dr. Suzanne Fortier, president of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced that PI was awarded the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion.

Lastly, the audience learned that the Discovery Channel will start to broadcast the PI Lectures throughout Canada.

PI gets one more time the recognitions and support that it deserves as a leading theoretical research and science education organization.

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