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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Bang in Waterloo.

It was 2 weeks ago when the international acclaimed personality Neil Turok became the new Executive Director of Perimeter Institute (PI).

Neil Turok, Professor at Cambridge University (and collaborator with the living legend of theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking) gained international fame for his theoretical research of the Big Bang. He became known in the Waterloo Region just few months ago during his PI lecture "What Banged" about which I talked here.

What a great achievement for PI that gets one more time international recognition in the universe of theoretical physics research proving that it is indeed a beacon for scientific progress, as characterized last year by PI founder, Mike Lazaridis.

At such a crucial PI milestone maybe it is the time to reflect at PI odissey, at its evolution from a visionary dream to reality and what it is today (read about it in the "Leaps of faith" article on this link).

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