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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Enthralled by Water's Thirst.

Unusual, provocative, intriguing, uplifting. These are the usual attributes of most of Perimeter Institute (PI) cultural events.

Last week Pushing the Perimeter event "Reaching for Nothing: Water's Thirst" was no exception.

From the unconventional stage setup, the diversity of performance types (incorporating science elements), sound and visual effects and the power to transcend and immerse the audience into the artistic fantasy of the alternating space/time perceptions, everything was at the perimeter of cultural expression.

There is something magic about water and its relation with space and time. Maybe its dual spatial and temporal nature creates the back and forth perception of space shifting into time and back into space.

The show had the power to convey this feeling.

Kudos to NUMUS and PI for this great world premiere.

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