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Sunday, December 04, 2005

As Time Goes By, online.

The Clifford Wills’ Was Einstein Right? EinsteinFest presentation about which I talked in my previous post is available online (search EinsteinFest entry on the left bottom pane, then locate the lecture on the right). You can hear and see Clifford singing "As time goes by" at minute 13:15.

Other notable references by minutes:
9:00 - the importance of the general relativity theory.
9:25 - beginning of the reference to Paul Johnson consideration about Einstein and the beginning of the modern world.
12:45 - Einstein as a symbol of science.
15:20 - famous story about understanding the general theory of relativity.
18:00 - Einstein famous reply about the correctness of its theory.
25:30 - the contents of the presentation.
25:40 - Clifford’s confession that he is not going to dance when the "space-time twist" is explained at minute 44:24.
29:20 - Wills' law about total solar eclipses.
33:00 - funny audience voting experiments.
34:50 - gravitational lenses as Einstein's gift to astronomy.
49:26 - gravitational waves Einstein prediction.
60:36 - warp of time and its application in daily life in GPS, General Positioning System (minute 62:20).
69:09 - concluding remarks.


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