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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gedanken, Oscars, Science and Business Success.

The power of "what if"...

This is what I found that all of the above have in common.

It is the well known Einstein's Gedanken that shed a light in the darkness of our understanding of the Universe through the unification of space and time in Special Relativity theory.

In the chicken and egg dilemma between the theoretical and experimental approach in scientific research, Einstein has a strong argument toward the former one.

Since tonight is the Oscars night I was thinking that movies are actually artistic expressions of "what if" worlds.

Then, besides Einstein's Gedanken, any scientific endeavor is a "what if" journey as shown on this page.

Last but not the least the success of any business depends on the "what if" homework as exemplified by the Think Different slogan.


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