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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dreams come true!

A guy rides a bike powered by a rocket. Another one thinks that he should be ready to move and live on Mars just in case the life on Earth is menaced by a lost asteroid. A third guy enjoys and thrives on the technological space challenges. Another guy wants to be the "Ford" of space travel. These were only few of the second space revolution "players" in the Perimeter Institute's Michael Belfiore Rocketeers story.

Some of them are quite rich and could choose to live a comfortable and lavish life. What drives these guys? What they want? What all of them have in common?

No matter what are their motives they all are the same dream chassers as the previous visionaries, explorers, inventors, researchers, scientists, etc. They are "crazy" enough to come up with uncommon ideas and have the energy and perseverance to strongly believe in their dreams until they become true.

Each PI lecture gets me thinking even if I have time or not to share my thoughts with you. When I entered the WCI auditorium I had the feeling that it was like a rocket ready for a space travel aiming at a wonderful destination suggested on the auditorium's stage. In spite of bad weather adversities the PI ship of explorers of new horizons was almost full. Watch this video metaphor prologue about this lecture.

Michael made me thinking about the dream chasers when he started the lecture with the "crazy" idea of replacing bombs with people (in the top of the initial rockets) that initiated the first government sponsored space revolution.

Then, at the beginning of the second space revolution another "crazy" idea was born: that private sponsored space travel is possible. It was not only possible but its success came sooner than expected. Michael went through the story of the X Prize, then of the Canadian space traveling dreamer Brian Feeney (the da Vinci project initiator) and other projects and ideas to approach private space travel. He ended the lecture with the beautiful story of the latest and most practical project till now: the Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo. It is hard to believe that this ship tries to solve the toughest problem of space travel: the safe reentry into the atmosphere.

The last video clip of the Virgin Galactic flight conveyed the dreaming feeling of weightlessness (confessed by those that lived it). It took the audience few moments to wake up. It was like a dream that you didn't want to end.

Dreams come true after all.

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