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Saturday, December 10, 2005

103 years of electrical Christmas lights.

No matter what shape, size, color, flickering or not, Christmas lights are
adding shimmering beauty to the Christmas tree and its ornaments. Everyone is taking them for granted. Do you know though the beginnings of Christmas lights?

Their history relates to that of the world’s biggest company (General Electric) and its founder Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest inventor of all times. While Edward H. Johnson (Edison's business partner) was the Christmas lights inventor, it was Edison who first made them available (pre-wired) to the general population in 1903. Here it is the first report about Christmas lights use and how Edison's company, General Electric, commercialized them.

It is interesting to learn about the evolution of the wiring technology of electrical Christmas lights and that Edison started promoting to rent them in 1890. We learn also that they were used for the first time on the White House Christmas tree in 1895.

As we all know since 1903 the use of Christmas lights was not limited only to Christmas trees. Houses, trees, fences, parks, neighborhoods and communities are beautified during Christmas time or entire winter.

For the last 103 years Christmas lights are bringing the joy of Christmas in the houses and communities around the world.


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