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Monday, February 20, 2006

Edison and Olympics.

Another puzzle of commonality. You may be wondering what possible could be common between Edison and Olympics. Well, I don't know if Edison ever competed in any Olympic sports but his legacy touches the sports movement for more than a century.

As I said before everyone enjoys the spirit of Olympic competitions and celebrations. How many people are thinking though about the huge effort, technologies and services needed to organize such events? Olympic villages, competition venues, sports facilities, etc. are often built from scratch. They need modern infrastructures, energy, transportation, lighting, security, telecommunications, etc.

Also, the responsibility the organizers take to provide a flawless event is immense. Considering the wide audience and media coverage that such events attract, any insignificant flaw could be noticed right away. For this reason the organizers partner with global businesses that have the needed technologies and can be trusted for high standards of delivering on promises, with integrity. The business that Edison founded General Electric (GE), is such a partner.

I don't know if there is any other business in the world that has the technological diversity, environmental responsibility, innovation and business culture, and operational excellence needed for a flawless organization of the Olympic Games. GE's expertise in power generation and distribution, lighting , plastics, security, water technologies, portable structures, medical equipment, sports medicine, broadcasting, etc. is impressing and unique. As a global citizen and member of The Olympic Partner Programme (TOP) GE supports the Olympics and gives back to the organizing communities.

Check this link for more facts and numbers about GE sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

So next time you enjoy the Olympic Games or the splendor of lights during Olympic celebrations think of those great people that made this dream possible, think of GE, the champion of the Olympic technologies. Think of GE's founder, Thomas Alva Edison and his followers.


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