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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Einstein and Picasso.

If you are wondering what these two giants have in common then don't miss two of the best EinsteinFest lectures that will be presented next Saturday and Sunday by TVOntario.

I've talked before about Clifford Will's lecture but I didn't have time to talk about Arthur Miller's intriguing parallel between Einstein's and Picasso's major creations, life, thinking, character and source of creativity. Arthur Miller's, presentation is a real treat. You'll learn about the similarities between the creation of Relativity Theory and the first cubist painting Les_Demoiselles d'Avignon.

Here are some of the ideas that I learned: don't always trust perception, conception is important both in science and in art; the notion of simultaneity preoccupied both giants (Einstein's simultaneity is temporal while Picasso's is spatial); Einstein started the modern era in science while Picasso started the modern era in art; they both had the same sources of creativity: geometry (for multidimensional representations), technology, science, aesthetics(in science and in art), etc.


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