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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chandelier Choir.

The Talking Light Bulb prank of the folks at GE Global Research was light indeed. I must to confess that I was fooled by it. I found it so cute that I silently passed it to you. In the meantime I was thinking that things that may look like a joke today could become reality tomorrow.

Take for example the Jules Verne stories. A guy with a rich imagination could have been easily fooled by Verne's stories and we all know that some of them are reality today. So I was thinking at different scenarios of "debates" in a Light Bulbs Democracy. On one hand we could say that any democratic intelligent debate involves some imaginary light bulbs as we usually associate a new idea with a sparkling light bulb.

On the other hand though it is no secret that we get surrounded by more and more intelligent devices day by day. Some companies are working together at ways to connect the devices as federations.

The days when light bulbs will join the federation could not be too far. What will they be able to do if they could "talk", besides the already presented scenarios and the whisper of Gotcha April Fools!:
- throw a surprise lights party and sing "Happy Birthday" (or other songs) in a "chandelier choir"
- transform a skyscraper into a giant singing and flickering Christmas tree
- learn room's activity and adjust automatically the light and sound ambiance.
- and who knows what else.


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