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Monday, April 23, 2007

KYACers care.

Lots of green ideas were proposed and gathered by the members of Kitchener Youth Action Council (KYAC) on Thursday afternoon at the Kitchener City Hall during an event that celebrated the Earth Day. The screening of Al Gore’s inspiring documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” stirred heated debates about who and how should act to make our environment greener.

Even though the event was organized by youths, green ideas came from a diverse audience of all ages. The role of the government and the green actions of every individual were discussed. Here there are some of the green ideas proposed: compost the disposable food since otherwise it will generate green gases in the landfills, buy local vegetable since they are organic and there is no need to be brought by the trucks, the stores should replace the plastic bags with reusable bags, use more often bikes and public transportation if possible, new buildings should be environmentally friendly, etc.

A green action event was organized on the same day in Waterloo. The young generation in KW area prove that they care about the future of our Earth.

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